i naturally look mean but it keeps the weak people away

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Q: Hey, so I just stumbled onto your page. I love how it highlights your reveling in overcompensation. I also love how you openly list yourself as stealth. Very stealthy. Now nobody will know. I see you like hunting, or at least posing like you hunt. Just some advice on that. Use a real weapon instead of that point and click crossbow bullshit. You're pulling girl push ups with that thing. I will say the needle work does fit you though. You're just another weeping vagina wanna be on tumblr

You’re not very bright if you think I’m trying to be stealth on my blog because this is the only place I’m not. Would it be better for you if I included “offline” next to it to make it even more obvious? You’re the only one struggling with that.

Your assumptions about me are laughable and your unsolicited advice is not needed. I’ve been hunting for a very long time and I maintain excellent proficiency in a wide range of weapons. Your approval for a weapon I choose to use on any given day is not required.
I could give a shit what assumptions you make based on interests I’ve been developing since my youth because you think you know my narrative. Hate to break it to you, but I don’t have to try.
You should give needlework a try. It’s a better alternative to being a weeping vagina anon.

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